Church View Farm, Kilmoyley, Co. Kerry

Church View Farm Pumpkin Patch

Located in Kilmoyley, Church View Farm has grown a Pumpkin Patch!  Now in our second year, we are opening up our farm to the public, but we have lots of activities planned to make your visit memorable, and don't forget - you can take a pumpkin home!  From our land to your home - all locally grown!


About the Pumpkin Patch

the experience

The Experience

Our Pumpkin Patch is brimming with homegrown Jack-o-lantern possibilities! We have pumpkins of all shapes, colours and sizes. Come and get your pumpkin this October.

the venue

The Location

Set in the rolling farmland of North Kerry, Church View Farm will look forward to welcoming you to our pumpkin patch. Mark the date in your calendar!

The Dates

This October, you have to add our Pumpkin Patch to your calendar. We will be open for the last two weekends in October!

pumpkin facts
  • The word “pumpkin” originates from “peopon,” which means “large melon” in Greek. It then evolved to “pompon” in French and “pumpion” in Britain. The Americans later changed it to “pumpkin,” the name we still use today.
  • Pumpkins are related to the cucumber & squash family.
  • Uncut pumpkins can be stored for approx. three months.
  • Plant Halloween pumpkin seeds the first week of May in a pot and then plant out after the first frosts.
  • Pumpkins are packed with anitoxidants.
  • They are 80 to 90% water!
  • The largest pumpkin is 2,624lbs!
  • A single pumpkin can have up to 500 seeds.
  • There are 45 varieties of pumpkin.
  • Every part of the pumpkin is edible from the skin to the leaves flowers to pulp, seeds and stems.

How do I book tickets?

Tickets can be bought online via our shop.
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